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Feb. 13th, 2012 11:25 pm
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Welcome to my Sims 3 page! From this page you will find sims, patterns, buildings and terrain paints I have created for CAW. This page also focuses largely on the world I'm currently creating. It does not have an official name yet but it is based on the world from the game: Vampire The Masquarade - Bloodlines...

This was a huge project to even consider making but in the long run the clean, almost Disney style neighborhoods are not for me. I wanted my neighborhood to look more realistic and grungy. Since I love Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines game, I didn't have to look for a source of inspiration any further.

I also use the "The Deb of Night" radio files from the game in my simmies radio. Here is a link in case you would also like to have them: www.mediafire.com/  Some of the commercials tend to repeat a few times but I'm going to fix that later on, maybe even combine all the files into one.   -> The radio files are now edited, fixed and reposted in their own post.

This sticky is also about the use of any content on this journal that has been created by me for Sims 3. Please read and then contact me if you still have any questions. Thank you.

Terms: )
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I have come to realize that this world became too large along the way. I've been now considering about redoing this world but for the medium size map, instead of large. A wonderful person from MTS2 have been testing my world for me and pointing me things that require fixing; routing errors, missing paint... Unfortunately as right now I can't do anything to this world, not in EIG or normal Edit in town mode, due to the max memory error. I think the only solution would be the smaller world version.

I have had a long time a bug in my game, one that makes the EA apartment buildings partly unuseable. For some reason people get stuck inside the walls of the ground floor lobby. I had hoped that this bug would not be present in this world but from the feedback I now know that it does and mostly likely causes lag. So, my suggestion for the time being is to bulldoze all the EA apartment buildings - 3 in Hollywood, 3 next to Chinatown and 4 in Santa Monica - if I remember right.

There's also a street light gotten in front of the Giovanni gate. I must have moved it accidentally at some point.
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                                                               Test version release

Alright. Here is the test version of the world I call "The Kindred LA". I do have to point out that this world is by no means a copy of the real LA or made after it. It's only called LA because the VTMB happens there and I have only recreated the locations from that game. And the locations even in VTMB are very much different than in real life Los Angeles.

The reason for the delay was that some of my own custom patterns had gotten corrupted at some point. I got rid of all of them and turned the most vital ones straight into walls and floors, instead of patterns. Because of this some main patterns had to be replaced with EA patterns (Vesuvius counters, Club Glace counters and floors, the general wood pattern on many counters in VTMB). It was unvoidable. I might redo those patterns and release them later on.

Due to the fact that EIG refused to safe a couple of the large lots from the Hollywood residential area, I'm sharing them in package format, along with a lot map and a lot list for easy placement if you wish to use them. They are mainly EA mansions with completely new exterior walls and some extra touch up. 

Instead of making anyone who wants to download and try this world to run around the net after the CC used, - some of which is probably not even available after these years -  I'm sharing all the CC in two forms, merged and unmerged, especially if you wish to see if you already have any of them. There are some items in both Zip -files that remain unmerged, like three store items: the Pepper stadium, the Celtic Lands window and the Forbidden Tomb. The stadium and the window due to the fact that not everyone have them and the tomb because I needed to modify it. The Celtic Land window was used in a golf club + in a coffee shop in Santa Monica and the tomb was used in the cemetery + in the museum of natural history. You can just replace them with originals if you have them.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One word of warning. This world has adult content, just like the VTMB has. There are two strip clubs, Vesuvius and the Sin Bin and the Sin Bin also has an adult movie store on the ground level with adult movie racks. BE WARNED!!! There is also a "hidden" adult movie studio in Hollywood, above the internet cafe.

There are few creators I want to give my special thanks for creating and sharing special items for this world, which made it that more real. You guys are awesome. :)

Monsoon for the tram pylons   mons0on.tumblr.com/
Sim_man123 for the tall statue www.thesimsresource.com/artists/sim_man123
Naitsuusha for the vending machines www.modthesims.info/member.php

Here is the list of other creators to be credited: Credits goes to... )

Here are the the Zip -files:

Kindred LA world:  www.mediafire.com/file/jukl4xk9da2g2lt/Kindred+LA.zip

Packages unmerged: www.mediafire.com/file/6hh64h52o3jn00h/PackagesUnmerged.zip
Packages merged:  www.mediafire.com/file/n8g152019v577ek/PackagesMerged.zip

Hollywood Residential lots (4) + info: www.mediafire.com/file/0oi6kihr6bu12ls/Lots.zip

SandStones by Pralinesims: www.mediafire.com/file/qybrw99qyypv8qx/Sand+Stones+PS.zip
(The only Sims3Pack pattern you need. Could not find the original download.)

3 terrain paints by me: www.mediafire.com/file/2vf5ff31mfmeuv7/3GroundTerrainsByVarpunen.zip

Information about the world:

- Not flagged as city due to possible complications. Please use the Nraas Register to stop the wild horses from spawning. Or some other wild horse mod.

- Made with all expansion packs + stuff packs installed
- Made with 1.67 patch level
- World size large
- World file size:  180,12 MB
- No textured ceilings on most lots (because I don't ever texture them in my games, sorry)
-  Most VIP fences removed
- All except one mausoleum at the main cemetery are deco only. If you wish to have graves at the chinese cemetery, then you have to either move the specific gravestones there yourself or replace the chinese mausoleum with a real one. 
- 2 dive lots
- 6 city areas: Downtown, Chinatown, Santa Monica, Hollywood, industrial area, farms/countryside
- Clean global layer
- CC checked with dashboard
- World installation, loading and saving tested

Also, there is one issue on one lot that I could not fix. There are two blue ceiling tiles on the outside of the Empire Arms Hotel entrance ceiling. They refused to be textured no matter what I did and taking the whole thing apart would have been just too much due to CFE cheat code. They don't really bother me and I hope they don't bother anyone else either. 

Finally, the Sims 3 Store content:

Worlds: Barnacle Bay, Midnight Hollow, Monte Vista, Riverview, Roaring Heights
Venues: Boardwalk Set, Last Venue of Amore

store.thesims3.com/setsProductListing.html (all four free lunar new year sets)
Cellar arch (free):  store.thesims3.com/productDetail.html
Crystal ball:   store.thesims3.com/productDetail.html
Indian curtain:  store.thesims3.com/productDetail.html
Double door victorian: store.thesims3.com/productDetail.html
Earth day set: store.thesims3.com/setsProductDetails.html
Gumball machine: store.thesims3.com/productDetail.html
Halloween set: store.thesims3.com/setsProductDetails.html
Hogan's diner: store.thesims3.com/setsProductDetails.html
Jazz age wall light: store.thesims3.com/productDetail.html
Sculpture guardian griffon:  store.thesims3.com/productDetail.html
Simlish set: store.thesims3.com/setsProductDetails.html
Victorian window double: store.thesims3.com/productDetail.html
Column: store.thesims3.com/productDetail.html

Lastly... Please, please, please take a backup of your Sims 3 user folder. I always do when I install a new world and new stuff, just to be on the safe side if anything goes wrong.

And remember, this is a test version. I have a good gaming desktop, so I have no idea how this world perfoms on other computers. Feedback is always appreciated and encouraged. Also, all the weird, odd and unfinished or missing things are also good to report back, so I can fix them if I can and certainly will try. Don't be shy. :)  


Jan. 8th, 2018 10:08 pm
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This is not post I wanted to make. I'm sorry guys but there will be small delay. I was doing a test run in my world and noticed some custom patterns behaving oddly. I'm so angry and frustrated right now but I'll try to fix the problem as quickly as I can. Again, I'm sorry....
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I can't believe I've finally reached this point but the world is finished and ready to be shared. It's been a long, fun but also a difficult road to walk but I guess I'm just too stubborn and I love the Bloodlines too much. No other world have ever given me this much trouble, headaches and near tears as this one but... it's done... it's finally done. Now the only one question remains; How will it run? That's the scary part now. I haven't tested the final version very much but it loaded fine, saved fine and my test mermaid went to a test dive without any hiccups. 

I will upload the world tomorrow and all the info needed. Tonight I'll share pictures of the world. Some things have changed. The noticeable one being the change from the tall skyscrapers by TJStreak to the lighted skyscrapers made by Sandy (ATS3). I made the switch due to Sandy's buildings having way better textures and details. Also, some plants and trees are recolored straight into the world file to avoid default packages.

Also... there will be no save file, after all. It took me two days to save all the lots into the bin, empty the world and place them all again but it was worth it.

But, here are the pics...

Picture time )

Well, there... and next, the big tamale itself. :)
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Another update. The global layer is cleaned, the world is imported successfully and I'm adding the final lots - ones which EIG refused to save - into a save file. As a nice surprise the diving lots have lost the visible white'ish world edges after placement and are now acting all normal. So, that means that I will include the two dive lots, after all. :)

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I just wanted give status report for everyone still interested about this world. EIG is working but still misbehaving when it comes to saving, kind of hit or miss at the moment. But, all the lots are now done and most are already placed into the world. If EIG fails to save even one more time, I'm going to place and share the rest of the lots in a save file along with the world. 

So, I'll have to place the lots, clean the global layer in CAW and import - hopefully successfully - the world. So close now.

Some additional info about CC...

- Made with all EPs and SPs installed
- Worlds required: Barnacle Bay, Midnight Hollow, Monte Vista, Riverview and Roaring Heights
- CC amount in package format: 321 MB (includes both my own and other creators cc)
- Custom texture Sims3Packs: 29  (may still change, give or take a few)

- Store content: 20 items. Mostly free stuff  + a few pay items and venues (will add specifics later on)

I'll add some new pics soon. :)
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I can't believe it.... I got working... I freaking got EIG working! YAY! And on the same day I made the post about how much I dislike EA's sloppy work quality. Just.... unbelievable. I really feel like crying right now because I was so worried that I had lost everything I had done. I have no words, really, but now I can finally start placing all those lots I've build and be huge step closer to the test version. Must be that Christmas magic...   


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Some of you probably thought that this project was abandoned but - hello! - I'm still here. Well, here but pretty angry to EIG and/or EA. I've used the Builder's Island to build for this world and so much is ready, so much, but... I can't get into EIG anymore. I haven't done anything, update anything, add anything but still the EIG crashes now and only for this world, not any other of my worlds. If I could get EIG working, I could probably hand out a test version of my world. *sigh*  I keep trying. I'm not going to give up, not after all this time and all this work. 

This is how I feel right now...

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My goodness what a week - no make that two weeks - this has been. I think I've build more in two weeks than I have in two years. Okay, no, but it certainly feels so. Chinatown is fully done now and I just finished the Tawni Session's apartment, which was totally gone for some unknown reason. Hollywood is done and I really like how the Cavoletti Cafe and Abrams Golden Jewellery turned out. The Nocturne Theatre gave me the most headache.

Also, I could hug Sandy from "Around the Sims 3" from converting the city buildings from the Sims 4. Not to worry, I'm not going to use them all but maybe just a couple of them. The warehouses look great. I'm also going to use the special Dr. Pepper Stadium - mainly because it's the best looking one of them all - and will include it into the CC, so you don't need to have it yourself.

I would say that the city is now 99% done. I was slowed down a bit because during the past week I had to upgrade my SSD drive and GPU but everything is still working fine. Andromeda is released tomorrow but will get this city out soon, no matter what.

One thing I want to point out. I know many players like to paint the ceilings of their homes or community lots. I tried to do that as much as possible - especially for the direct VTMB buildings - but I can guarantee that some normal buildings are without. This is mainly because personally I've never really cared about the ceiling paint or used any for that matter. You never really see it in the normal gameplay, anyway. EA have often left them unpainted, as well. 

One more thing. The Hollowbrook Hotel is there in the Downtown but... anyone who has played VTMB knows what kind of maze it is, on several levels. Basically incredibly hard - if not impossible - to do. So, I only did the first floor entrance. But... we also know that the second  Nosferatu Haven is directly below the abandoned hospital / Hollowbrook hotel.  So, instead of even trying to create the upper parts of Hollowbrook, I did the small sewer section + Nosferatu Haven under it. I tested it with a test family and it works fine.

Until next time... :)
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Okay, here is something I've been sitting on for quite awhile now and mainly for two reasons: one, they were supposed to be included into the VTMB world and two, they're not quite perfect when it comes to grip. And what am I talking about? Well, chess or more likely chess pieces, pushable chess pieces.

I was so annoyed that EA hadn't though about this, when they gave us these chess statues in Showtime and finally decided to do something about it. With the wonderful help of Bloom and Omegastarr82, I was able to make these pieces work.... more or less. There is a gap between the chess piece and sim's hands due to the fact that the tomb statue which was used in the process is quite a bit larger than showtime chess statues. I tried to get them as close to each other as I could, though. They work fine in game and are checked with the dashboard just in case.

There are two things to be aware of...
1. When the pieces are placed in buy mode, you have to Shift + click them each and choose "Make movable".
2. If you make a chessboard, I recommend making it big,  four squares for one piece instead of one (unlike in the pic below). Even then they might be tricky. As I said, they're not perfect.

Issue with hands/grip )

All the pieces can be found from: Buy mode -> Hobbies & Skills and they have two recolorable channels. You can include them in shared lots as long as credit and link to here is provided. Please, do not upload them to another site or claim them as your own. Thank you.

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Hi, all. Here are - finally - the fixed and edited radio sound files. There are three files in the zip package; one full file and two loop files. The full file is just what it says, containing all loop files combined to one. The two loop files contains all five loop files divided into two bigger files. The reason for this is: when turning on the radio the full file always starts from the same point and you can't skip. With the two separate files, you can always skip to the next file if you want a tiny bit of variation. So, only use the full file alone or the two separate files together. Well, you can use all of them but that wouldn't make any sense, now would it? 

The files are fixed/edited a bit. I removed two closely repetitive commercials, which were annoying to listen over and over again so closely. Don't worry, those commercials are still there but just not so many times. Also, I removed the annoying music clips from the end of loop five. In my opinion they didn't fit in the overall broadcast and weren't that nice to listen to anyway. Maybe someone will disagree with that, who knows. 

Anyway, here are the new files: www.mediafire.com/file/ppntivxfquck3og/VTMBRadioSounsForSims3.zip

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So, for the past week I've been building like crazy; 8 apartment buldings, the Lotus Blossom and currently I'm trying to tackle the Museum of Natural History. My God, that thing is giving me gray hairs, I swear. The Lotus Blossom turned out pretty good and if I thought that was tricky, it's still nothing compared to the MoNH. 

I did experience two setbacks; one bigger and one smaller. The smaller one is easy to fix, though. For some reason my game lost textures from many residential and community lots. The bigger setback was Tawni Sessions apartment. It disappeared... completely... totally... just buff, gone... sayonara!  I had finished it but now I can't find it anywhere; it's not on my computer or in any of my external hardrives. I have no idea what happened to it, since I take backups of backups taken from backups... yeah, a lot of backups. Oh, well, I'll just have to do it again. Thank God it's just one building. 

To show that I'm not just talking a whole lot of nothing, I'm posting a few pics of the Lotus Blossom. I'll post pics of the MoNH as soon as I get finished. That should happen in one or two days. :)

Lotus Blossom... )

Until next time. :)
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Hello, everyone. When I'm not doing this world, I play in my future world and one small thing kept annoying me; the ITF trash can. I wanted to use it - even in normal worlds because it looks so cool - but as you know it's not available, not even in Buydebug. Finally I had enough and when google didn't provide the answer, I dug it out from the files and made it buyable. I also made the ITF mailbox buyable, so that opening buydebug wouldn't be necessary. Here's a pic if anyone wonders what I'm talking about...

I'm sure the mailbox is already made buyable by someone but the trash can doesn't seem to be and I thought of sharing it here in case anyone else wished to use it, as well. The mailbox can be found from Small Appliances -category and the trash can from Misc Appliances -category. Both are tested in game and work fine. ITF EP is needed to for these since they're not BGC.

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Hi, guys. Yeah, still here. I'm sorry for being away for some time but I have some rought time lately. My aunt died and my mom took a bad fall at my dad's cabin and hurt both of her arms and shoulders and broke a rib. She's doing better but still having a surgery later this week. I haven't been able to concentrate on my world that much and I only managed to finish and import my other, smaller world called Antonio Bay (from the movie Fog). My AB world is based on the UNI map, which I really like and wanted to use. I can post pics is anyone is interested. 

But yeah, VTMB world is still very much alive and under works. :)
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There's been a lot happening in my life and I've haven't been able to be around as much as I would've wanted and I'm sorry for that. However, I just needed to make this post to let you all know that this project is not abandoned and still very much alive. I also do not have - nor will I ever get - Sims 4, so I won't do any requests for that game. I'm sorry. 
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The world is goming along nicely. I'm only missing some lots from Hollywood, Chinatown and downtown. I'd say it's about 97% done. This world obviously contains many pieces of CC, mostly done by me, and the current size of the Mods -folder is 405 mb. Of course, worlds can be installed without required CC and they just get replaced with game items but then the uniqueness goes out the window, I think. The curtain in the pics is from the Sims 3 Store. Anyway, here's some pictures for you. :)

Random pics here... )

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Okay, so, I thought of posting a pic from one of the two dive lots. I'm torn between removing them and leaving them as is. It's just that the edge of the map is so visible and... argh... I don't know. Here, have look...

The view towards the shore is fine like it should be. It's the view towards the edge that giving me grey hairs. But then I do like having mermaids around and the possibility to harvest kelp, though.  I even made the lots looking grungy, instead of tropical because that fits the overall theme better. The other lot even has a lava trench running across the ocean floor. Oh, man...
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I think a small update is in order due to my long absence which was mainly due to hardware issues, burn out and the fact that I hurt my back pretty bad and it took some time to heal. I know I promised new pictures and the ones in this post will be from the Kings Way. I feel pretty good about how it turned out. 

I've been taking a new look at the city and decided to remove some of the lots, just to get the numbers down a bit. I'm also considering about removing both dive lots. They came out very nice, if I may say so, but they are located quite near the edge of the map. This is due to the fact that the map was done way before IP was released. The lots work fine and look fine but while underwater, the edge of the map is clearly visible. It doesn't bother me but... well, we'll see.

Okay, to the pics... )

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Okay, the 609 Kings Way is officially done. I also finished the Hollywood Red Spot and the Metalhead Industries lot. Currently doing the shop lot across the street from Red Spot. While doing that shop, I realized that I have no choice but to add the Roaring Heights into the mix. I tried to keep it out as long as I could but unfortunately it is the only pack that holds the right kind of windows, the perfect windows. I don't know how popular RH world is and how many actually have it but I'd like to think many have bought it by now. Thoughts?

Update: SinBin done
                Asp Hole done
                Vesuvius redone
                 Apartment for Jeanette/Therese Voerman done

Warning about SinBin: This lot is strickly K18/AO. The magazine and movie racks contain adult material and and the posters on the walls are also adult stuff. The posters are not graphic, though, but more of 70/80's style instead to fit the style of the shop better. 
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I finally finished the Grout's mansion and it took me 4 days. I have to say, that this house was maybe the most difficult thing to do in this whole neighborhood. I wanted it look as close to the original as possible, even though I couldn't do those high towers that there should've been. Also, the whole house is a one huge rat maze of a building and way too big and complex to fully preserve in it's original state. Still, I wanted at least keep the main key points which are the library, the entrance corridor, the big main hall, the grout's bedroom and the gallery just outside of it, the roof bridge and the prison cells + the experiment rooms in the basement. All those are now included into the mansion. There was no model for the back of the building (you can see this if you use the fly -mode in game), so artistic liberties were used.

Currently, I'm creating the infamous 609 Kings Way house. :)

Calling Dr. Grout.... the mansion )

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