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Feb. 13th, 2012 11:25 pm
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Welcome to my Sims 3 page! From this page you will find sims, patterns, buildings and terrain paints I have created for CAW. This page also focuses largely on the world I'm currently creating. It does not have an official name yet but it is based on the world from the game: Vampire The Masquarade - Bloodlines...

This was a huge project to even consider making but in the long run the clean, almost Disney style neighborhoods are not for me. I wanted my neighborhood to look more realistic and grungy. Since I love Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines game, I didn't have to look for a source of inspiration any further.

I also use the "The Deb of Night" radio files from the game in my simmies radio. Here is a link in case you would also like to have them: www.mediafire.com/  Some of the commercials tend to repeat a few times but I'm going to fix that later on, maybe even combine all the files into one.  

This sticky is also about the use of any content on this journal that has been created by me for Sims 3. Please read and then contact me if you still have any questions. Thank you.

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Hi, guys. Yeah, still here. I'm sorry for being away for some time but I have some rought time lately. My aunt died and my mom took a bad fall at my dad's cabin and hurt both of her arms and shoulders and broke a rib. She's doing better but still having a surgery later this week. I haven't been able to concentrate on my world that much and I only managed to finish and import my other, smaller world called Antonio Bay (from the movie Fog). My AB world is based on the UNI map, which I really like and wanted to use. I can post pics is anyone is interested. 

But yeah, VTMB world is still very much alive and under works. :)
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There's been a lot happening in my life and I've haven't been able to be around as much as I would've wanted and I'm sorry for that. However, I just needed to make this post to let you all know that this project is not abandoned and still very much alive. I also do not have - nor will I ever get - Sims 4, so I won't do any requests for that game. I'm sorry. 
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The world is goming along nicely. I'm only missing some lots from Hollywood, Chinatown and downtown. I'd say it's about 97% done. This world obviously contains many pieces of CC, mostly done by me, and the current size of the Mods -folder is 405 mb. Of course, worlds can be installed without required CC and they just get replaced with game items but then the uniqueness goes out the window, I think. The curtain in the pics is from the Sims 3 Store. Anyway, here's some pictures for you. :)

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Okay, so, I thought of posting a pic from one of the two dive lots. I'm torn between removing them and leaving them as is. It's just that the edge of the map is so visible and... argh... I don't know. Here, have look...

The view towards the shore is fine like it should be. It's the view towards the edge that giving me grey hairs. But then I do like having mermaids around and the possibility to harvest kelp, though.  I even made the lots looking grungy, instead of tropical because that fits the overall theme better. The other lot even has a lava trench running across the ocean floor. Oh, man...
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I think a small update is in order due to my long absence which was mainly due to hardware issues, burn out and the fact that I hurt my back pretty bad and it took some time to heal. I know I promised new pictures and the ones in this post will be from the Kings Way. I feel pretty good about how it turned out. 

I've been taking a new look at the city and decided to remove some of the lots, just to get the numbers down a bit. I'm also considering about removing both dive lots. They came out very nice, if I may say so, but they are located quite near the edge of the map. This is due to the fact that the map was done way before IP was released. The lots work fine and look fine but while underwater, the edge of the map is clearly visible. It doesn't bother me but... well, we'll see.

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Okay, the 609 Kings Way is officially done. I also finished the Hollywood Red Spot and the Metalhead Industries lot. Currently doing the shop lot across the street from Red Spot. While doing that shop, I realized that I have no choice but to add the Roaring Heights into the mix. I tried to keep it out as long as I could but unfortunately it is the only pack that holds the right kind of windows, the perfect windows. I don't know how popular RH world is and how many actually have it but I'd like to think many have bought it by now. Thoughts?

Update: SinBin done
                Asp Hole done
                Vesuvius redone
                 Apartment for Jeanette/Therese Voerman done

Warning about SinBin: This lot is strickly K18/AO. The magazine and movie racks contain adult material and and the posters on the walls are also adult stuff. The posters are not graphic, though, but more of 70/80's style instead to fit the style of the shop better. 
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I finally finished the Grout's mansion and it took me 4 days. I have to say, that this house was maybe the most difficult thing to do in this whole neighborhood. I wanted it look as close to the original as possible, even though I couldn't do those high towers that there should've been. Also, the whole house is a one huge rat maze of a building and way too big and complex to fully preserve in it's original state. Still, I wanted at least keep the main key points which are the library, the entrance corridor, the big main hall, the grout's bedroom and the gallery just outside of it, the roof bridge and the prison cells + the experiment rooms in the basement. All those are now included into the mansion. There was no model for the back of the building (you can see this if you use the fly -mode in game), so artistic liberties were used.

Currently, I'm creating the infamous 609 Kings Way house. :)

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So, so here's something I made awhile back but it never got used. A car. A "Zombie Outbreak Responce Team" car. And what does it have to do with Bloodlines? Well, nothing, unless you decide to drive it straight inside the Giovanni mansion or the Forever cemetery. Uh, a bad joke. Anyway, this car was made for the Zombie apocalypse world project over at the MTS2 but the world got cancelled and the car was left to gather dust. I was looking something else last night and found it under that huge pile of dust, deciding that it was time to let it shine again.

Firstly, you need Showtime EP for this car to work. I used this specific model because it was the bulkiest car and the against zombies, your sim needs all the protection they can get. Secondly, I want to thank the amazing Bloom - www.bloomsbase.net/  - for helping me with the logo, which I wasn't able to turn around correctly.  And here's the car...

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Yeah, got it working! Okay, so, I've done nothing but build stuff for the past few weeks and I'm pretty happy with the results. Especially the Giovanni Stronghold turned out quite nicely inside and out, even though I could have used a lot size way bigger than 64x64. Sadly the mansion will not have the dungeons part, though, because the huge maze like corridors would have been way too hard to do. In one pic you can see the override file for the UNI food store, making it look like a smaller version of the Hollywood RedSpot. This UNI store is in Santa Monica. I've removed the chinese street pendants from Chinatown, since now I have the hanging lanters from the Boardwalk set. Will show those later on. In the graveyard pics you can see several crypts. Only one of them is a working rabbit hole and rest are deco's. I also tried really hard to create the original access tunnels down to the Santa Monica beach but in the end, even with the basement tool it wasn't possible. The solution is in one of the pics.  The hospital's sidewing wall color has been changed to match the main building after the pic was taken. Red Devil exterior not fully finished.
I took the pics at night, since it's always night in the VTMB. They did came out slightly hued, though (darn full moon). This can be seen especially at the graveyard pics (ground color changes). Not sure about the stage of lightness, either, since that also changes with different monitors. If daytime pics are needed, let me know. All the pics were sorted in order but for some reason the flash show mixes them slightly. Sorry about that. :)
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Okay, so I have 73 new pictures to show and I tried to embed a slideshow from Photobucket. It works fine in the preview but as soon as I make it an official post, the embedded media is gone. I read from the FAQ that you have to paste it again because the code gets broken and I did but it's still not working. Posting 73 pics individually would be quite a task, so I would love to get this slideshow working. Oh, I'm so frustrated right now. Anyone have any suggestions to share while I try to figure this thing out?

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Okay, here's the deal. I love the window from the Celtic Lands -set...

...and it's an ideal match to the window used in many buildings in the VTMB game. But I know many don't have this set and that is why I seperated it from that set. It should be base game compatible now but before I start using it in my world, I would like to have comfirmation. So, I'm adding the window file into this post and if anyone decides to test it out, I would love to hear if shows up fine without having the Celtic Lands -set/Dragon Valley.

Okay, so I'll just.... uh....wait here... patiently... maybe take a nap...

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I've managed to do a lot of building lately, so there's going to be big picture galore shortly. I didn't want to post just few pics from here and there. I just finished the Ventrue Tower, the Noodle Shop and White Cloud from Chinatown + the Santa Monica Haven. Also going to include pics from the Glaze, the Temple of the Golden Virtue, Golden Oceans fish market, Zhao's and the Forever Cemetery. Probably from the botanical garden, as well. I'm quite pleased with that one. 

Many people have been asking for my road texture and I promise to think about it. To be honest, it's one of the things I'm most proud of and also one of things that took a lot of work and headache to get right, so perhaps that is why I do not feel very eager to share it as is. But I will take the requests into concideration. :)  

On a side note, I had remove a few of the deco skyscrapers from the world and replace them with other ones because there was something wonky with them and they made the world lag slightly. The new ones look just as good too, though.
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There are couple of very nice jeans in the game but unfortunately EA managed to screw them up by adding some stupid holes and tears in them. So, finally I had enough and did something about it. Then I though, hey, why not share them. I'm sure I'm not the only one hating those ruined jeans. There are three different jeans in the package, so you can choose which ones you like to keep. Oh, and here's what you get...

All of them are tested in game. The shorter, army style jeans are from University EP and the rest two are from the Diesel stuff Pack, so you need those for these to work. Please don't share them in other sites, ok. :)

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Here's some social networking posters for your simmies internet cafe, homes, offices... or any place. There's 12 posters in one file and the converted base mesh is by amazing Ritsuka. God, I love that creators work. Anyway, I hope you like. Let me know if there's any problems. This file is tested in game.

A few samples...

Download here: www.mediafire.com/download/jscby2m4p1ard4a/Varpunen_SocialMediaPosterPack.zip

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Yeah, I'm still here and still working on this world. Last month has just been a minor setback because the game has been spitting out constant error code 12's and Max memory used -crashes. My world is okay, since this has also been happening with normal gameplay + with a different set of user files just for that purpose. Mostly with those, actually, than with my world files. I have a good gaming rig, so it's not my computer's fault, either. Darn EA. But yeah, this world is still WIP. :)
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Okay, since EIG is still acting odd, I decided to finish my world when it comes CAW and export it. Exporting went smoothly and the world loaded fine. A huge relief. Now I can focus on building the remaining lots and central city parts. It's so much easier to just launch the game and start building, instead of going through CAW, then to EIG and then wait for an hour to EIG to save (if it saves).

To show the progress I have made, I decided to share some random pictures, including the Society of Leopold and the observatory. I'm currently using BurntWaffle's lighting mod with Island Paradise water, so that is the reason for the water color. That will change, though, because this world requires darker water to fit its style. But enough talking. Time for pics...

There's pics in here, honest.... :) )
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New lots done...

- Golden Oceans Fish Market
- Zhao's Imports

Edit (3.1): The Empire Hotel is also now done. Gonna post pics soon.
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New lots finished:

- The Golden Temple
- The City Garden (community garden)
- The main hospital  (not the abandoned one)
- Club Confession redone
- The vineyard

On a side note...

I was gifted both the Monte Vista and Dragon Valley worlds and I've been depating whether or not to use them. This means that three different store worlds would be required for my world. I would really especially like to use Monte Vista because - for example - the door and the arch are exactly the same looking as in the Bloodlines and would make my world more realistic looking. I also got the Boardwalk Venue just because of the roller coaster. I'm not yet sure whether I'll get the world itself, as well. We'll see...
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Here are the list of the lots I completed during this week (pics later on)...

- Society of Leopold
- Griffitt Park
- Griffitt Park upper tram stop
- The Sabbat Warehouse
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Here are some new pictures from the city. I have also done the train yard next to the Sabbat warehouse. The warehouse itself is next on my to-do list. I've also done a abandoned orphanage and a funeral home. I also made a big wedding church by using the library shell that came with UNI. It worked perfectly. I'll post pics about it a bit later on. Okay, the pics...

Train yard at daytime... (I so love the objects from Midnight Hollow)

Want to see more pictures... :) )