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shadow_city ([personal profile] shadow_city) wrote2014-11-17 07:37 pm

Time for new pictures...

Yeah, got it working! Okay, so, I've done nothing but build stuff for the past few weeks and I'm pretty happy with the results. Especially the Giovanni Stronghold turned out quite nicely inside and out, even though I could have used a lot size way bigger than 64x64. Sadly the mansion will not have the dungeons part, though, because the huge maze like corridors would have been way too hard to do. In one pic you can see the override file for the UNI food store, making it look like a smaller version of the Hollywood RedSpot. This UNI store is in Santa Monica. I've removed the chinese street pendants from Chinatown, since now I have the hanging lanters from the Boardwalk set. Will show those later on. In the graveyard pics you can see several crypts. Only one of them is a working rabbit hole and rest are deco's. I also tried really hard to create the original access tunnels down to the Santa Monica beach but in the end, even with the basement tool it wasn't possible. The solution is in one of the pics.  The hospital's sidewing wall color has been changed to match the main building after the pic was taken. Red Devil exterior not fully finished.
I took the pics at night, since it's always night in the VTMB. They did came out slightly hued, though (darn full moon). This can be seen especially at the graveyard pics (ground color changes). Not sure about the stage of lightness, either, since that also changes with different monitors. If daytime pics are needed, let me know. All the pics were sorted in order but for some reason the flash show mixes them slightly. Sorry about that. :)