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shadow_city ([personal profile] shadow_city) wrote2014-11-23 02:11 pm
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Something else... Yeah, it's a car

So, so here's something I made awhile back but it never got used. A car. A "Zombie Outbreak Responce Team" car. And what does it have to do with Bloodlines? Well, nothing, unless you decide to drive it straight inside the Giovanni mansion or the Forever cemetery. Uh, a bad joke. Anyway, this car was made for the Zombie apocalypse world project over at the MTS2 but the world got cancelled and the car was left to gather dust. I was looking something else last night and found it under that huge pile of dust, deciding that it was time to let it shine again.

Firstly, you need Showtime EP for this car to work. I used this specific model because it was the bulkiest car and the against zombies, your sim needs all the protection they can get. Secondly, I want to thank the amazing Bloom -  - for helping me with the logo, which I wasn't able to turn around correctly.  And here's the car...