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shadow_city ([personal profile] shadow_city) wrote2014-11-27 05:48 pm

Grout's mansion... my goodness, it's done...

I finally finished the Grout's mansion and it took me 4 days. I have to say, that this house was maybe the most difficult thing to do in this whole neighborhood. I wanted it look as close to the original as possible, even though I couldn't do those high towers that there should've been. Also, the whole house is a one huge rat maze of a building and way too big and complex to fully preserve in it's original state. Still, I wanted at least keep the main key points which are the library, the entrance corridor, the big main hall, the grout's bedroom and the gallery just outside of it, the roof bridge and the prison cells + the experiment rooms in the basement. All those are now included into the mansion. There was no model for the back of the building (you can see this if you use the fly -mode in game), so artistic liberties were used.

Currently, I'm creating the infamous 609 Kings Way house. :)