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shadow_city ([personal profile] shadow_city) wrote2014-11-30 04:29 pm

More done...

Okay, the 609 Kings Way is officially done. I also finished the Hollywood Red Spot and the Metalhead Industries lot. Currently doing the shop lot across the street from Red Spot. While doing that shop, I realized that I have no choice but to add the Roaring Heights into the mix. I tried to keep it out as long as I could but unfortunately it is the only pack that holds the right kind of windows, the perfect windows. I don't know how popular RH world is and how many actually have it but I'd like to think many have bought it by now. Thoughts?

Update: SinBin done
                Asp Hole done
                Vesuvius redone
                 Apartment for Jeanette/Therese Voerman done

Warning about SinBin: This lot is strickly K18/AO. The magazine and movie racks contain adult material and and the posters on the walls are also adult stuff. The posters are not graphic, though, but more of 70/80's style instead to fit the style of the shop better. 

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Are you still working on this world? I've been following your progress for years and I'd love to see how it turns out.