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shadow_city ([personal profile] shadow_city) wrote2017-03-01 02:42 pm

Getting back to speed...

So, for the past week I've been building like crazy; 8 apartment buldings, the Lotus Blossom and currently I'm trying to tackle the Museum of Natural History. My God, that thing is giving me gray hairs, I swear. The Lotus Blossom turned out pretty good and if I thought that was tricky, it's still nothing compared to the MoNH. 

I did experience two setbacks; one bigger and one smaller. The smaller one is easy to fix, though. For some reason my game lost textures from many residential and community lots. The bigger setback was Tawni Sessions apartment. It disappeared... completely... totally... just buff, gone... sayonara!  I had finished it but now I can't find it anywhere; it's not on my computer or in any of my external hardrives. I have no idea what happened to it, since I take backups of backups taken from backups... yeah, a lot of backups. Oh, well, I'll just have to do it again. Thank God it's just one building. 

To show that I'm not just talking a whole lot of nothing, I'm posting a few pics of the Lotus Blossom. I'll post pics of the MoNH as soon as I get finished. That should happen in one or two days. :)

Anyone who has played VTMB knows that the Lotus Blossom is a quite shady establishment and one of features of it are the condom dispensers. Since I couldn't mesh one, I decided to be a bit creative and gave those power boxes from the game a new purpose. Yep, EA would definitely approve, don't you think?  :D      


Until next time. :)