Feb. 13th, 2012

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Welcome to my Sims 3 page! From this page you will find sims, patterns, buildings and terrain paints I have created for CAW. This page also focuses largely on the world I'm currently creating. It does not have an official name yet but it is based on the world from the game: Vampire The Masquarade - Bloodlines...

This was a huge project to even consider making but in the long run the clean, almost Disney style neighborhoods are not for me. I wanted my neighborhood to look more realistic and grungy. Since I love Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines game, I didn't have to look for a source of inspiration any further.

I also use the "The Deb of Night" radio files from the game in my simmies radio. Here is a link in case you would also like to have them: www.mediafire.com/  Some of the commercials tend to repeat a few times but I'm going to fix that later on, maybe even combine all the files into one.   -> The radio files are now edited, fixed and reposted in their own post.

This sticky is also about the use of any content on this journal that has been created by me for Sims 3. Please read and then contact me if you still have any questions. Thank you.

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