Mar. 4th, 2017

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Hi, all. Here are - finally - the fixed and edited radio sound files. There are three files in the zip package; one full file and two loop files. The full file is just what it says, containing all loop files combined to one. The two loop files contains all five loop files divided into two bigger files. The reason for this is: when turning on the radio the full file always starts from the same point and you can't skip. With the two separate files, you can always skip to the next file if you want a tiny bit of variation. So, only use the full file alone or the two separate files together. Well, you can use all of them but that wouldn't make any sense, now would it? 

The files are fixed/edited a bit. I removed two closely repetitive commercials, which were annoying to listen over and over again so closely. Don't worry, those commercials are still there but just not so many times. Also, I removed the annoying music clips from the end of loop five. In my opinion they didn't fit in the overall broadcast and weren't that nice to listen to anyway. Maybe someone will disagree with that, who knows. 

Anyway, here are the new files:

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Okay, here is something I've been sitting on for quite awhile now and mainly for two reasons: one, they were supposed to be included into the VTMB world and two, they're not quite perfect when it comes to grip. And what am I talking about? Well, chess or more likely chess pieces, pushable chess pieces.

I was so annoyed that EA hadn't though about this, when they gave us these chess statues in Showtime and finally decided to do something about it. With the wonderful help of Bloom and Omegastarr82, I was able to make these pieces work.... more or less. There is a gap between the chess piece and sim's hands due to the fact that the tomb statue which was used in the process is quite a bit larger than showtime chess statues. I tried to get them as close to each other as I could, though. They work fine in game and are checked with the dashboard just in case.

There are two things to be aware of...
1. When the pieces are placed in buy mode, you have to Shift + click them each and choose "Make movable".
2. If you make a chessboard, I recommend making it big,  four squares for one piece instead of one (unlike in the pic below). Even then they might be tricky. As I said, they're not perfect.

Issue with hands/grip )

All the pieces can be found from: Buy mode -> Hobbies & Skills and they have two recolorable channels. You can include them in shared lots as long as credit and link to here is provided. Please, do not upload them to another site or claim them as your own. Thank you.


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