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Okay, here are some more new city pics. I've done a lot of changes. The green grass terrain - as well as the dirt and the city concrete terrain - are now much darker in tone. The roads are darker and the Chinatown road has now a new, more VTMB realistic texture. The fir trees in Griffith Park have now the same kind of dried up look as the trees in VTMB game and few other trees are recolored, as well, like the ones along the factory district canal. Due to UNI, I have made new over-head street signs.

Also the city road has now a new texture. It gave me a lot of headache because I really wanted it to look as close to the original as possible. I think I finally succeeded. Here a pic of the texture (not shared at this point)...
This post is going to be picture heavy so the rest are under the cut...

First, here is the Griffith Park without buildings. A very talented creator from MTS2 made me the Tram Pylons and I'm forever grateful for that. I used the SuperCAW to add the lights. The pylons will not be shared here, sorry.

Place for the Giovanni estate...

For now, all the UNI street signs will remain for my world only.

Some pics with new world colors...

All the lighting in the Canal area will be recolored to dark grey...

Some night pics...

The new UNI signs (again, not shared at this point, sorry)

So, here they were. I'll post more when I get more buildings and rabbit holes in place. :)                    


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