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Okay, since EIG is still acting odd, I decided to finish my world when it comes CAW and export it. Exporting went smoothly and the world loaded fine. A huge relief. Now I can focus on building the remaining lots and central city parts. It's so much easier to just launch the game and start building, instead of going through CAW, then to EIG and then wait for an hour to EIG to save (if it saves).

To show the progress I have made, I decided to share some random pictures, including the Society of Leopold and the observatory. I'm currently using BurntWaffle's lighting mod with Island Paradise water, so that is the reason for the water color. That will change, though, because this world requires darker water to fit its style. But enough talking. Time for pics...

There's pics in here, honest.... :) )
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New lots done...

- Golden Oceans Fish Market
- Zhao's Imports

Edit (3.1): The Empire Hotel is also now done. Gonna post pics soon.
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New lots finished:

- The Golden Temple
- The City Garden (community garden)
- The main hospital  (not the abandoned one)
- Club Confession redone
- The vineyard

On a side note...

I was gifted both the Monte Vista and Dragon Valley worlds and I've been depating whether or not to use them. This means that three different store worlds would be required for my world. I would really especially like to use Monte Vista because - for example - the door and the arch are exactly the same looking as in the Bloodlines and would make my world more realistic looking. I also got the Boardwalk Venue just because of the roller coaster. I'm not yet sure whether I'll get the world itself, as well. We'll see...
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Here are the list of the lots I completed during this week (pics later on)...

- Society of Leopold
- Griffitt Park
- Griffitt Park upper tram stop
- The Sabbat Warehouse
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Here are some new pictures from the city. I have also done the train yard next to the Sabbat warehouse. The warehouse itself is next on my to-do list. I've also done a abandoned orphanage and a funeral home. I also made a big wedding church by using the library shell that came with UNI. It worked perfectly. I'll post pics about it a bit later on. Okay, the pics...

Train yard at daytime... (I so love the objects from Midnight Hollow)

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Okay, after the ITF and patching and all that, I'm in business again. I thought about how many ports to add in this world and settled for three. It's not much but the shore line would get too crowded. Also, I think it's enough to have one for active family and the two for other sims or maybe for community lots. I may add fourth one but it looks unlikely.

Dive lots are next. I'm not going to make them look all paradise'ish because it wouldn't be realistic, not in a world like this one. So, expect wrecked cars, junk, etc. :)


Oct. 26th, 2013 08:41 pm
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One of the stores in town just had a shocking sale in SimPoints and now I will be able to get Midnight Hollow and it's beautiful buildings. Oh, I'm so happy. And the money saved... I chose to get 6000 SimPoints because they were so cheap and if I get the basic MH, I might even get Monte Vista, too, or something else. I'm a very happy camper right now. :)

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So, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still working on this world. I'm actually hoping to get Midnight Hollow at some point due to the awesome looking community buildings but as of now, I don't have enough SimPoints and I'm hoping that it will come in sale, preferably through Origin like Monte Vista did. Crossing fingers...

One other thing is the new Store venue, the Grimm's castle. Even though I'm very disappointed by it's faulty interactions and the odd lot size, I am going to add a place for it in my world so that those who have it, can use it.

The third thing is the Barnacle Bay world. I just got it through Origin and I do like the pirate ship a lot. I was thinking of adding that lot (lightly redone) to my world. This would mean that the world would require BB. I have also extracted some buildings from Aurora Skies - like the hospital - for recoloring purposes but those buildings will be included into the CC pack and Aurora Skies itself is not needed. :)

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Hi, all! I'm sorry for being MIA but my work has really drained me and I've been too tired to concentrate on world building. At the moment - now that Sims 4 has been announced and Island Paradise is coming shortly - I've been considering about placing all my VTMB stuff up for download. I've been making this world for so long and missed playing the actual game. And if the Island Paradise is as good as it seems, I know that I definitely want to play it. I'm still not sure whether or not I will share everything but I'm definitely considering it.

Anyway, here - under the cut - are the pics of my Elizabeth Dane. I promised to upload them and wanted keep that promise. 

Elizabet Dane... )
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Hi, all. Just wanted to let you know that I was abruptly called back to work a head of schedule and last week was extremely busy. I haven't forgotten anyone and will answer my PM's as soon as I can. Will also post pics of the Elizabeth Dane, as well. :)
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I player back at the MTS2 were looking for a LN matching version of the Showtime traffic light. Since there wasn't one around, I decided to make one. I also noticed that the Showtime lights weren't yellow like the LN ones, so I corrected that, as well. Since this is a recolor, you'll have to place the file both in CAW packages folder and in the Mods folder. You will also have to share the file - with credits, please - or it won't show up in the uploaded world.

I also wanted to make a CAW override file - so that sharing package wouldn't be necessary - but couldn't find it from the fullbuild packages. Will add it later if I do find it. :)

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Okay, here are some more new city pics. I've done a lot of changes. The green grass terrain - as well as the dirt and the city concrete terrain - are now much darker in tone. The roads are darker and the Chinatown road has now a new, more VTMB realistic texture. The fir trees in Griffith Park have now the same kind of dried up look as the trees in VTMB game and few other trees are recolored, as well, like the ones along the factory district canal. Due to UNI, I have made new over-head street signs.

Also the city road has now a new texture. It gave me a lot of headache because I really wanted it to look as close to the original as possible. I think I finally succeeded. Here a pic of the texture (not shared at this point)...
This post is going to be picture heavy so the rest are under the cut...
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Nines Rodriguez is my absolut favorite character from VTMB game and my own character always supports him in the end, no matter what. Too bad we couldn't romance him in the game. :D  Anyways, I wanted my Sim Nines have his trademark clothing and since there wasn't any around, I had to make it myself, in this case do some recoloring.  I'm gonna share the shirt with you and this goes especially to [personal profile] synestesi  :)


My Sims 3 version:

Here's the downloand link:

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Here is something I've kept to myself for awhile now; ME3 hoodie for males and females. They are both recorable but the color shade should be kept black because of the logo. In the female version also the hood interior and the shirt are recorable. Males have only the shirt recolorable, not the hood and this is because of EA, not me.

There's one thing I should point out: In the clothing menu these hoodies still have also the EA premade textures. I tried to remove them - so that only my ME version would be visible - but for some odd reason the TSRW kept constantly crashing on me when trying to do that. But this is not a problem - at least it is not for me - and the hoodies work fine in-game. My female sim has been constantly wearing the hoodie everywhere.  Here's what you're getting...

They look best with Sim detail setting on high.

Male version:
Female version:

Please read my TOU and do not re-upload these anywhere. :)

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Finally I have some new pics for you. I will post daytime pics first and nighttime pics later. I've also made some changes. The green terrain is now more darker and the sand hills are now more beige, matching the beach much better. It was too yellow'ish in the beginning. Also the new custom distant terrain is in place. My appreciation for it goes to Aaronrogers8i from Sims 3 official forum because wihtout him my world would still be without distant terrain.

I'm thinking of changing the grass terrain color still to even more darker and less greener but I'm not 100% sure yet. We'll see. Okay, here are the pics...

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Here's something outside my VTMB Project. A set of paintings by Eugene Delacroix. The set contains following art works...

- Liberty leading the people
- The death of Sardanapalus
- The self-portrait
- Flowers

The original mesh is by Kat3rina from Kat3rinaSims3: 


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Everyone who has played VTMB already knows this but anyone who's not but is still interested this world of mine, needs to know... I usually don't use adult content in my game... much... but the VTMB game has two adult joints in the city; The Vesuvius (a strip club) and the Sin Bin (a sex shop). Now I am going to make both of those but I haven't decided yet whether to make them a seperate download or not.

Vesuvius is quite tame, really, with having only the stripper poles and pics of their performers, ones which I have already posted here earlier. The Sin Bin... well, that's a whole other ball game. It will contain posters and magazines, maybe some objects, no sure. The posters will definitely be someway decent... "decent", heh... but yeah, nothing too graphic. That would be too... yuk.

So, be warned. ;)
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Okay, here's some more new stuff I cooked up. First... newspapers. When you play VTMB you can find newspapers lying around the city with different articles. I got the idea of framing these articles. I'm going to place them at the city library, so simmies can go there to see, what has happened around the city and in it's past. The burned ones are from the Ocean House and white ones are recent. The frames are recolorable, of course.

Then I was thinking about the billboards and realized that I hand't made any for pets, so without further delay...

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I was talking about billboards in my previous posts and how I had remake two of the game billboards from scratch. Here is a pic of them...

I tried to make the Saguaro Falls and Friggin' Chicken images as close to the originals (at the bottom of the pic) as possible. I think they turned out pretty darn good. The third billboard is a completely new onto the Last Round roof. The original was also a vodka ad - like the new one is - and I thought that the pic I used had some anarch feeling to it. I'm open to opinions about it, though. :)

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Okay, so, I've gotten a lot of done and thought of sharing some pics of the Masquerade CC already finished. The texture quality varies a bit between items, since they are from the game and sometimes it's very hard to get a good picture for use. Some of these images may look slightly blurry but that's only due to picture resizing. Well, lets start with the famous Caine paintings...

These are my favorites from the whole game. :)

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