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Everyone who has played VTMB already knows this but anyone who's not but is still interested this world of mine, needs to know... I usually don't use adult content in my game... much... but the VTMB game has two adult joints in the city; The Vesuvius (a strip club) and the Sin Bin (a sex shop). Now I am going to make both of those but I haven't decided yet whether to make them a seperate download or not.

Vesuvius is quite tame, really, with having only the stripper poles and pics of their performers, ones which I have already posted here earlier. The Sin Bin... well, that's a whole other ball game. It will contain posters and magazines, maybe some objects, no sure. The posters will definitely be someway decent... "decent", heh... but yeah, nothing too graphic. That would be too... yuk.

So, be warned. ;)
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Okay, here's some more new stuff I cooked up. First... newspapers. When you play VTMB you can find newspapers lying around the city with different articles. I got the idea of framing these articles. I'm going to place them at the city library, so simmies can go there to see, what has happened around the city and in it's past. The burned ones are from the Ocean House and white ones are recent. The frames are recolorable, of course.

Then I was thinking about the billboards and realized that I hand't made any for pets, so without further delay...

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I was talking about billboards in my previous posts and how I had remake two of the game billboards from scratch. Here is a pic of them...

I tried to make the Saguaro Falls and Friggin' Chicken images as close to the originals (at the bottom of the pic) as possible. I think they turned out pretty darn good. The third billboard is a completely new onto the Last Round roof. The original was also a vodka ad - like the new one is - and I thought that the pic I used had some anarch feeling to it. I'm open to opinions about it, though. :)

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Okay, so, I've gotten a lot of done and thought of sharing some pics of the Masquerade CC already finished. The texture quality varies a bit between items, since they are from the game and sometimes it's very hard to get a good picture for use. Some of these images may look slightly blurry but that's only due to picture resizing. Well, lets start with the famous Caine paintings...

These are my favorites from the whole game. :)

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Since CAW is still broken, I've been concentrating on making posters, signs and paintings from the VTMB game. Basically I or more likely my Brujah lady has been running around the Santa Monica, Downtown, Hollywood, Chinatown and every other place possible taking pics of everything I need to do. And in three days I've already done a lot. Also when EA gave the sign for the Elixir store, they gave me the perfect base for the Last Round sign.

I'm also thankful for Aikea-Guinea for her wall overlays, since they are excellent base for the multi-image sets around LA and also for the multi-image sets in the Last Round. Those are now done. I also appreciate Inge's help from Simlogical, for now I also have the golden icons from the Society of Leopold done with the frames I wanted.

All I need now is CAW back, so please, hurry up EA!
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Well, since EA managed to screw up CAW and EIG somehow, thus making it impossible to continue creating, I though of posting more pics of the world. In the honor of coming Seasons EP + Aliens, what would be more proper than crop circles? I thought those would be perfect and I have to admit, that they turned out quite nicely. Here is a pic of them and some more...

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While working on the Ocean House, I thought of sharing pics of the whole world and the airport area. I'm especially happy how the airport area turned out and the windowset by Matomibotaki(TSR) helped hugely. I'll post more pics of the Ocean House soon and also pics of the infamous Elizabeth Dane, which is also finished.

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Okay, here are few pics from the Ocean House. This hotel has been so much fun to make and I've done my best to make it look like as close to the original as possible. I absolutely loved the Sims 2 Ocean House by the talented Ghanima Atreides but decided to make mine a slightly bigger, close to the actual size. My hotel has all four floors - the third floor will have the level skip mark - and I'm currently trying to add the basement which has the infamous laundryroom. It will be included if the elevator agrees to work.:-)

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I just finished an underground subway station - one of many - for my VTMB world and it turned out so well, that I thought of sharing some images of it. I build the whole thing in Appaloosa Plains, so above ground pics won't look as good as they will once I get the lot transferred to it's rightful place. :-)

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