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There are couple of very nice jeans in the game but unfortunately EA managed to screw them up by adding some stupid holes and tears in them. So, finally I had enough and did something about it. Then I though, hey, why not share them. I'm sure I'm not the only one hating those ruined jeans. There are three different jeans in the package, so you can choose which ones you like to keep. Oh, and here's what you get...

All of them are tested in game. The shorter, army style jeans are from University EP and the rest two are from the Diesel stuff Pack, so you need those for these to work. Please don't share them in other sites, ok. :)

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Nines Rodriguez is my absolut favorite character from VTMB game and my own character always supports him in the end, no matter what. Too bad we couldn't romance him in the game. :D  Anyways, I wanted my Sim Nines have his trademark clothing and since there wasn't any around, I had to make it myself, in this case do some recoloring.  I'm gonna share the shirt with you and this goes especially to [personal profile] synestesi  :)


My Sims 3 version:

Here's the downloand link:

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Here is something I've kept to myself for awhile now; ME3 hoodie for males and females. They are both recorable but the color shade should be kept black because of the logo. In the female version also the hood interior and the shirt are recorable. Males have only the shirt recolorable, not the hood and this is because of EA, not me.

There's one thing I should point out: In the clothing menu these hoodies still have also the EA premade textures. I tried to remove them - so that only my ME version would be visible - but for some odd reason the TSRW kept constantly crashing on me when trying to do that. But this is not a problem - at least it is not for me - and the hoodies work fine in-game. My female sim has been constantly wearing the hoodie everywhere.  Here's what you're getting...

They look best with Sim detail setting on high.

Male version:
Female version:

Please read my TOU and do not re-upload these anywhere. :)


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